So, Sami Jo decided to die her hair pink and I decided I needed to photograph her with it. I was aching to do something a bit different. I was craving an excuse to step away from anything wedding and shoot for good old fun. And fun it was. Lucky for me I had a few wonderful friends to call upon to bring this whole pink business together. With Miesh Styling bringing the clothing goods, Flavia of Versa Artistry on hair & make-up, Shelley from Orchid Dynasty contributing her beautiful floral creations and Sam’s big smile, everything came together perfectly. Isn’t Sami Jo just an infectious little being? Thank you sweet girl for allowing me to photograph your cute mug.
pink_sami_001pink_sami_002pink_sami_003pink_sami_004pink_sami_005pink_sami_006pink_sami_007pink_sami_008pink_sami_009pink_sami_010pink_sami_011pink_sami_012pink_sami_013pink_sami_014pink_sami_015pink_sami_016pink_sami_017pink_sami_018pink_sami_019pink_sami_020I also need to thank my good friends Sarah Knight & Crystalyn Nilson for being there, always a pleasure having your assistance!

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