Helloooo… I am Heather Nan Parkinson of Heather Nan Photography, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.That image down there was shot by my friend Yan, she sure is swell. In that image is one of my first loves, Liv. She is SO magical. She taught me all about true love. I’ve got a couple other folks that inspire that same love everyday, my main man Ben and my wee side-kick Finn.

I have been shooting professional for about seven years now. This whole business experience has been full of growing pains, but quite enriching. It has taken me to cities never visited prior and hoping to new countries, (universe, help me out here).

I have the incredible and humble opportunity to be apart of some very special days in the lives of others. Your wedding day? Huge. The birth of your children? Game changing. Capturing the everyday? Cherished forever.

I would love to be apart of any of these for you. Drop me a line. Give me a call. Let’s do it.